Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 15: How to Thrive During a Pandemic | Digital Marketing Institute

Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 15: How to Thrive During a Pandemic | Digital Marketing Institute
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Tools of the Trade – HTML

HTML is the language of the internet. It tells your browser what to show a visitor and where to show it. You can build a perfectly presentable site without knowing a line of HTML, the Site Building software that comes free with your internet hosting package, or you download as free open source software (a Google search for Free Site Builder Software comes up with more than 24 million hits), or even buy will build you a fine looking site but a look at the source coding will show you just how ‘clunky’ the coding can be.

How Best to Learn About Internet Marketing – Use Eben Pagan Teaching

Why I wanted to write this testimonial on how Eben’s teaching helped to change my thinking about business? I thought I needed to learn the tools of Internet Marketing. What I learned was that I needed to change my approach to business. Eben Pagan’s practical knowledge – by-the-way, if one person can do it, so can another – about psychology of today’s business and how to market in today’s internet based world showed me in a very clear, step-by-step way what to do. What to focus on and when to focus on it. And yes, I also got the tools I originally wanted – now learning about how to bring traffic to your site!

Chat Rooms: The Different Types

A chat room is synchronous conferencing over the Internet (and occasionally asynchronous conferencing). There are several types of chat rooms. Your choice should be based on your particular needs/preferences.

Understanding B2B Leads

Short synopsis on B2B leads. What they are, and how they work.

The Best Business to Start With No Initial Costs

These days having your own company is a very attractive thing. Being your own boss and making your own hours are just two of the many features of running a business that appeal to people who don’t like being told what to do. The best business to start will be one with low start up costs. Traditionally it was imperative to get a bank loan to start off in the business world. If you wanted to open a shop for example you would need a lot of capital upfront to finance your enterprise.

Expecting Online Money Making Without Investment?

The appeal of online money making without investment continues to stand. However, those who practice it most, tend to experience lower rates of survival on the web. Accreditation or formalized training is not mandatory for Internet information providers. Yet, online profit systems demand a truly precise type of education. Today’s content highlights the gradual business devastation which can result from conducting an online business without ethical and proficient instruction. Read full story.

You Need To Have Witnesses To Your Story When You Become A Millionaire

You need to have witness to your story when you become a millionaire, because nobody is going to believe it. You will not have any problems finding witnesses though. Here are a few of my witnesses.

SEO for Business: Selecting and Implementing the Most Effective Keywords and Keyphrases

Many businesses fail to implement the necessary SEO strategies to improve their search engine rankings. This article discusses the knowledge gained by one entrepreneur as he begins to launch his first online businesses and the SEO lessons he learns along the way. The author finds that a few simple adjustments can make a website more attractive to visitors and the search engine spiders which ultimately boosts sales. This article describes the lessons learned about using more effective keywords and keyphrases to improve a website’s SEO power with the goal of improving search engine rankings and help drive more qualified traffic to the website.

One Day Closer to Success

We are now 3 weeks into the New Year, plenty of time for people to have gotten started making changes in their lives for the better. Have you made any progress towards the goals that you have set for yourself this year? You may have decided to start an online business and thoughts of it being very successful in a short time period have you so excited that you can hardly stand it.That’s great But, and there are some buts that almost everyone faces when starting a new business, what are you going to do 3 months down the road and you’ve made little or no money.

Make Money Online: Build Wealth the Easy Way

Making money online does not have to be difficult. Unfortunately, many people make it nearly impossible and it is all due to the choices that they make. Different choices will lead to different financial results.

Top Five Article Directories

Top Five Article Directories for SEO There are Hundreds of Directories There are literary hundreds of directories that a writer can submit articles to. For the sake of simplicity this article will narrow down the number of directories to the Top Five Article Directories for SEO purposes. An article directory is a website where writers or users can submit unique articles that have a link to their own website.

The Best Money Making Ideas for 2012 and Beyond

The internet has laid down the foundation for financial success. The best money making ideas today may be found online.

Are You Forgetting the Basics to Increase Your Web Traffic?

Okay, so you have been spending some time working on your website and it looks great. In fact, you have spent a bit of money on web development, graphics, copy, and your hosting costs. You now are seeing “some” traffic, but it’s pretty meager so you are considering what most people do: PPC Ads.

3 Things You Can Do To Make Money Online Faster

Most people who try to start an online business end up quitting before they make any money. If they could get results faster, they would probably hang in there longer until they reached their goals. Here are three things that you can do to help you make money online faster.

Online Print Ordering

Are you just really busy? Do you have to figure out a way to get everything done on your to-do list with no time to do it? The good news for you is there are options to take care of tasks online.

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