Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 38: Tips from a Pro Copywriter

Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 38: Tips from a Pro Copywriter
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Know Your Online Consumer – Targeted Advertising Through Live Chat

Usually the goal of advertising is to persuade the potential consumer to do something, generally to buy a product or service. In this process, you are at one side of the picture and the consumer at the other and whatever happens in between will be your efforts to persuade the consumer to buy from you. To formulate an Online Advertising Campaign that works, it is of course, best to be completely familiar with the other side of the picture – that is – your online consumer.

Crank Up Your Visitor Volume With These 5 Tips On Networking

In this article, I cover Networking – Social Networks and Social Bookmarking sites are the hottest commodities on the Internet right now. Ignore them and your traffic volume will suffer.

Make Money Online – Seven Proven Ways To Make Money From Home

Do you know which are the seven proven ways to make money online? After you read this article you’ll be able to start your online business on the right track by choosing one of the proven ways to make money from home. Thousands of people are making money with them and so should you.

Get All Your Postage Online

Modern technology has made it possible to allow us to purchase all of our mailing needs online. A simple click of the mouse and you can choose from hundreds of postal products and have them delivered right to your door or now you can print them out on your printer.

How to Avoid Online SCAMS

Have you ever been a victim of an online scam? Well you are not alone. Many people get lured into these scams every single day.

Contributing In The Right Ways To The Internet

The number of online directories available on the Internet has increased dramatically in the last few years. Not only are there a large and ever-growing number of general free and paid directories, there are also an increasing number of niche-specific directories that cater to specific interests, niches, concepts, communities and so on. Because of this drastic increase in how many communities need to be submitted to, creating automatic systems for free directories submission is essentially quite necessary.

4 Keys to Make Money in Any Niche

In the midst of thousands or even millions of other things to do in a business, business owners often overlook the basics. It really boils down to only 4 keys.

3 Steps to Success in Any Business, Offline and Online!

There are only 3 steps to create a successful business. It applies both offline and online. I suggest that every business owner keeps this in mind in every marketing activity.

Discount Online Used Bookstores

You can save your money by buying as many used books as you can. As you can imagine, used books are gobbled up fast, so buy early.

Get Rich Quick Online – Don’t Let the Naysayers Tell You it Can’t Be Done During This Recession

In order to get rich quick online, follow this simple 5-step plan. Come up with a fixed dollar amount you wish to achieve and a time frame during which you want to acquire this much money. Don’t let the naysayers of doom and gloom that it can’t be done during the economic recession that we are presently going through. If you follow this plan, you can quickly replace or supplement your income with passive income on the Internet.

The Wealth Formula – Mindset, the Real Key

Developing wealth begins with how you think. This means a few things. At the same time, there are also ideas about developing wealth that you might as well dismiss. These are the ideas perpetuated by either people who, selfishly, don’t want others to know how they can develop wealth, or those who are inherently cynical…

Best Automotive Software – Winworks And Nowcom

There are two top automotive software programs on the market, one for the dealer and one for the repair shop. Learn how they are used and what makes them the best.

How I Make A Killing Selling Digital Information Products

One way of making a killing on the Internet is by selling digital information products. In fact, I regularly make up 3 figure amounts per day selling these downloadable products…

The Web is Watching You – Web Time Tracking and Your Business

Generally, companies who offer web time tracking services will not charge you for licensing their product. You will, however, pay a regular fee, usually monthly or annually. Some companies might also charge differently, depending on the number of users and employees you have and on the type of functions you want to access.

Evaluating Your Online Beauty Boutique

This article is about evaluating Canadian on line beauty boutiques. Offers advice on what things to look for and be aware of when shopping on-line.

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