Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 46: The Future of Paid Search Advertising

Ahead of the Game Podcast Episode 46: The Future of Paid Search Advertising
Grow your online visibility


How to Earn Money Online

Efficient ways to make money online.

The Benefits of Reliable Equine Websites

When you are a horse passionate, horses become more than just a hobby for you! Horse enthusiasts dedicate a lot of time and money to their passion, constantly looking for new ways of exchanging information and tips with other horse lovers,

Google Was Added to the Webster Today…Friend or Foe

Now that Google was added to the dictionary maybe we can find out if they are the online marketer’s friend or foe. Let me check to see what the definition of Google is…nope no such luck still don’t know exactly how Google works. So much for using a dictionary to understand the meaning of a word.

New Law for Online Marketing Newbies

Although I am not a fan of the government trying to regulate anything to do with the Net, there should be a required disclaimer on every marketing tool and strategy sold that simply says… “This purchase is just the beginning. You are required to spend thousands of more dollars and work much harder then you ever would at your full time job if you really want to succeed online”

Why it Pays to Specialize

Someone once said that you can’t be all things to everyone. What is true in our personal life is equally true in business.

While it may seem counterintuitive to specialize and consciously limit the scope of your target market, it’s actually a very wise marketing strategy.

Understanding The World Wide Web

Everyday we log on and get into this strange online world called the web. Now many of us believe that the Internet and web are the same, but though they are related, they are not quite the same thing. The Internet or the Net as we all call it now, is a worldwide system of interconnected computer networks. It transmits data using the Internet protocol.

How the Internet Actually Works

In this article I will explain how the Internet works, all the way from what goes through the wires and how the wires across the globe connect, to how meaningful activities are performed on your computer. Unlike other Internet articles, I won’t try to explain the history behind the Internet of today – it’s complex enough, and like me, you probably don’t care very much. I also won’t be confusing you with highly technical explanations.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Low Cost Internet Ads

Advertising has always been a major factor in the success of any business. Obviously, the quality of the products or services, the quality of the ad text, or copy as it is commonly called, also play a great role in the success of any advertising campaign. One such factor, arguably the biggest in determining the success of the product or service awareness, is what vehicle you choose to get your message in front of the right people. Will you use TV?…Radio?…Newspapers? The internet?

Web — An Information Market and its Market Makers

As every market, the web market is ruled by supply and demand. The major product in demand & supply, is information. A huge number of web sites compete in attracting the web user’s attention, by offering information or service content of high interest.

The Reason People Fail To Make A Living Online

In today’s world, life gets more difficult and more complicated. Working locally offline for a company and for money is going from bad, to worse. Such local difficulties are making both eccentric and goal oriented people to look for other income streams other than their regular 8 to 5pm jobs.

Yahoo Chat: An “Old” Favorite with Some Changes

Yahoo Chat is a big part of Yahoo, one of the biggest things online. People use Yahoo for e-mail, games, music downloads, blogging and lots of other internet tools. If you are currently a Yahoo Chat user, you may be aware that they no longer support Java users; however, they now offer “Yahoo Messenger with Voice” as an alternative. If you do not want to switch from Java, you will need to register with another IM service.

Online Chat: Where’s Emily Post When We Need Her?

What is online chat etiquette? Years ago when people needed advice on everything from handling nosy neighbors with tact, to how to address your wedding invitations, you simply consulted Emily Post, the etiquette expert. But, today, with e-mail, instant messaging and online chat rooms, people are communicating in a whole new way and we need a new set of rules.

The World Is Your Marketplace

If you were to open a convenience store, you would think long and hard about the store’s location. It would not make much sense to open it in a remote area with few customers. When you start a website, every person with online access is a potential customer. Have you ever wondered how many people actually use the Internet? Is it a few hundred thousand, a few million or more?

Best Way to Make Money Online: What It Takes

How do I make money online? That depends on what you want to do. No matter what you do though, the most important thing you need to do is advertise. How do I do that online? This will require you to really do your research…

Five Rules For Negotiating Online

Negotiating online is different from communicating in person. First of all, it is not done in real time. Communicating online is by definition a delayed process. One party sends an email and then waits for a response. Since you cannot see or hear the other person, you are getting all your cues from the online message. Because you are typing and thinking at the same time, it is easy to make mistakes which only get noticed after you have already sent it. Here are five rules that apply to negotiating via email.

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