Fractured Search Intent: Understanding Mixed SERPs

Fractured Search Intent: Understanding Mixed SERPs
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Wikiasari – The Future Search Engine to Rival Google

Jimmy Wales, the founder of popular Wikipedia (an online user-driven encyclopedia of sorts), is now in the works of producing a new type of search engine that is predicted to rival Google in 2007. The new Search Wikia, dubbed code word “Wikiasari” (supposedly not the future name to be used), will be a search engine that will take the algorithmic power of Google and combine it with the editorial community-based input of humans, similar to how Wikipedia operated. This idea is predicted to eliminate a lot of useless information that cannot necessarily be filtered out by a computer algorithm.

How Can You Actually Make Money Online? – Part 1

Starting an online business can be a precarious experience. In Part 1 this article has laid out some important steps that should be taken before and during the early stages of undertaking such a venture.

Internet and Businesses Online – How to Choose a Unique Angle for Your Niche Market

This is important, especially if you are in a niche area that already has some number of marketers, as I believe is the case today. So what do I mean by choosing an angle? What do I mean by ‘angle’?

Selling to Generation Y Online

Selling products Online is a multi-billion dollar business in 2006 so thinking about who your buyer is and how you engage them to think about your product is not a bad plan. Media technology is changing constantly so understanding your potential customers and how the generation they were born in plays a big role in the psychology used to make a purchasing decision can pay off.

Internet Marketing and Online Business – Condensed History of Internet Marketing Techniques

When internet marketing first began, it was like a wide open wild, wild west. Anybody could do anything – and they did.

Web Site Planning and Preparation

At some point your business will be ready to enter the World Wide Web. When it does, your web site will be a living, breathing entity. A little research, planning and preparation save you from making costly mistakes or ending up with a dead-end web site.

How Can You Actually Make Money Online? – Part 2

Starting an online business can be a precarious experience. In Part 2 of the series, the author shares more knowledge gained from experts in their field. For Newbie’s much of this knowledge can make the difference between success and failure.

Seven Traits of Highly Effective Websites

Your website can weigh your business down-or give it a big boost. Incorporate the right design elements, the right copy, good SEO principles, and, above all, easy navigation for best results. Your business and your customers will thank you for it!

Want an Earn Extra Income Opportunity – Go Get Three Highlighters

Can you imagine that all of your searching could rely on three colors? It did and it does for me.

Seven Tips to Get the Most Out of Your E-Newsletter

An e-newsletter is a valuable tool in building a strong email marketing list. It also does everything a good hardcopy newsletter does: build credibility, put your business in front of your customers regularly, and give you a regular opportunity to market your products and services to people who are interested, and who have a relationship with your business. To make your newsletter work hard for you, however, there are a few things you’ll have to do right. Here are seven tips for making your e-newsletter the best marketing tool it can be.

Marketing to the Wind – Selling Baloney With Garbage Web Site Networks

How many of us have seen these crappy garbage sites created for the sole purpose of building a “Network of AdWord/AdSense” sites with each page having a really bad article or sales copy about some product with the hope of generating Adsense income. Then the audacity of selling these packages of sites as if anyone except complete morons would ever visit such complete trash!

Customer Follow Up Strategies – 3 Powerful Techniques to Build Your Empire

Would you like to learn 3 powerful techniques to triple your profits? Then you don’t want to miss this helpful article about customer follow up and how you can easily use it to increase your profits.

3 Simple – Fool Proof Ways For Internet Marketing Success In 2007

“pointers” on how to make next year YOUR year for financial success…

Dot Com Business Idea You Can Steal

Many look at a market’s behavior and and react to it. Others forecast a market’s behavior and position themselves to capture the profit from it. Here is a domain name and the business idea to go with it, perfect for 2007.

Google Answers Not Answering Any More

Google has decided to close their Google Answers service by the end of 2006. This is an integral part of any innovators remit and destruction is required just as much as invention.

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