QQQM vs VTI – Which ETF Is Better?

QQQM vs VTI - Which ETF Is Better?
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Let’s talk about the other services and advertising that is the gimmick with a lot of internet marketing scams out there. You buy their product, as you are going through their program you find out that you need to sign up for four other programs to make this program work.

Sales Funnel Strategy – Part IX

So what else can we say about the sales funnel? There are two ideas, two camps of thought regarding sales funnels and regarding sales style. Some internet marketers prefer to immediately begin to show their new subscribers high-priced items, for example, their $5000 product, and they will find some people, although the conversion rate will be quite low, that some people will purchase that $5000 product, and the revenue from those sales is actually higher than working the sales funnel traditionally the way that I generally teach it, starting with a low-priced item, and moving up. So the school of thought is different for both of these, the first school of thought versus the one that I’ve been covering, the sales funnel school of thought, starting with a low product and continuing to raise the price. Some internet marketers ….

Sales Funnel Strategy – Part VI

So what else can we understand about a sales funnel? Another thing that is critical for you to understand about a sales funnel is that it is not only a qualifying type of a system, it not only qualifies people for the next product, but it actually helps them become more comfortable with the next product that you’re going to create. If someone has purchased three products from you, and you have always delivered that product as everything and more than the sales page said, then when you come out with a larger product—a $500 or $1000….

Sales Funnel Strategy, Part III

And then increasing price, over and above, say, $500-1000, you might introduce coaching, so you may have coaching that’s $200 a month, or coaching that’s $500 a month, that really gives people an opportunity to grow in their niche area. You could also hold seminars – you can hold weekend seminars, you can hold boot camps… a boot camp is generally set up as something that is similar to a seminar in that people come out to a specified location, but a boot camp is generally more of a workshop, where the attendants, instead of simply taking notes and listening to someone teach, they are actively involved. So a boot camp could involve hands-on experience in your niche area. And then, for even higher prices than that, $5000 up to ….

Sales Funnel Strategy – Part IV

And that’s the idea with the sales funnel-you’re giving people a free product so that they can sample your service, then you’re providing a low-ticket item, $10 to $50, that allows people to not only sample your service but to really see what type of an effort, what type of quality you put into what you sell. Now, once that is done… obviously at this point you are beginning to screen the people that are purchasing from you. Some of the people purchasing from you will not like the product, and they will no longer purchase anything in the future. However, some people will really like it, and then those people will continue to purchase more and more expensive products. Now, the next question is what if you only have one or two products, and you want to have a sales funnel? The key here is that you ….

Sales Funnel Strategy – Part X

At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘well maybe I do need multiple products’. I’ll tell you right now, I believe that if you are going to create any long term, large internet income, that you have to create your own products. Now, the nice thing about creating your own products is that you can either a.) sell them to your own list, or b.) create an affiliate program and sell them to other people’s lists. Now, the nice thing about creating an affiliate program and selling your products to other people’s lists is that each one of those people that purchase that product, although you don’t make as much of a commission after you pay your commission….

Advanced Sales Funnel Strategy – Part V

So, that in and of itself is just another reason to continue to produce products. What I find is that if I continue to produce products, every time I release a brand new product, I get new customers, and I get repeat customers-I think that that’s the key, here. I get new customers, I get repeat customers, every time I create something. The question is for you… can you create something every single month? If you’re working part time, you probably can’t-maybe creating a new product every three to four months is more realistic. But think about this, if you create a new product every three months for a year, now you have three-four products, at the end of the year. If you were to do that for three years, you’d have twelve products. How many people online have twelve products?…

Sales Funnel Strategy – Part VII

And so I think that it’s incredibly important for you to realize that people really do look at quality, that people really do look at how much you over-deliver, and you are really developing a relationship with these people online. Speaking of relationships, I want to stress something. I believe that building relationships is the key to making sales online. I do not believe that the key to making sales online is writing incredible sales pages, or building huge ….

Sales Funnel Strategy, Part VIII

I’m going to assume that these internet marketing experts have tested and tried out their sales pages, and then come up with the highest possible conversion. And a lot of times I will send traffic to these websites and I will get 1% conversion rate, which is actually fine for a $100 product. However, I can send out my own sales pages and get anywhere from a 2% on up to 10 or 15%, depending on the product and the price point, etc etc. ….

Sales Funnel Strategy, Part I

First of all, what is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is a series of products that you either create or perhaps they are affiliate products. However, these are all products that are part of the sales funnel. And these products range in price, anywhere from $0, the free product, all the way up to really unlimited price – five, ten, fifteen thousand dollars.

Sales Funnel Strategy, Part II

And the whole idea is that the big part of the funnel is your free items, your low-priced items, in the middle of the funnel you have medium-priced items – anything ranging from, say, $50 on up to $2-300 – then the smaller end of the funnel, you’re going to start seeing some $500-$1000 products, and then at the very tight end of the funnel, you’re going to start seeing some much larger items-$5000, $10,000 products. Now, when you’re building your sales funnels, what do these products look like? For example, what is a free product? A free product is typically an eight to ten page e-book that simply gives an overview of your topic, of the things…

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